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Webinar on Development Communication in India – Sandeep Marwah

Sandeep Marwah thanked Prof. Ujjwal K Choudhary and Florence Handique Rabha for
introducing him to GCEC.
He congratulated Prof. Ujjwal K Choudhary for taking GMEC to
absolutely new heights and for making it such a vibrant organization in the shortest period of
time. Two years back, Marwah was the first Indian to be honored in Cannes International
Film Festival for his contribution to the media and entertainment industry.
Marwah put
emphasis on the new definition of education. He quoted, “ Swayam vidhata ho…he manav
antar mein vishwaas jagao, chalo na mit te pad chinho par, apne raste aap banao, apni
aatma jyoti se pulkit, apne surya swayam bann jao.”
As per Marwah, education after
pandemic have made us learn ways for a new definition of education. AAFT has been a case
study in 27 countries including UCLA, in the USA. “I’m happy that we’ve touched about 145
countries to every international student or faculty who’ve been to AAFT they’ve taught us

ample to correct, amend, alter, add and subtract our courses and subjects so we can be better
than before”
, said Marwah.
He believes that the scope for improvement is always there. In Marwah’s school of thought,
the ‘E’ in education stands for entertainment, excitement, and enthusiasm. In today’s world,
every education has to be entertaining. It must get into the bloodstream of the students. They
should be eager and anxious to come back to classes. Bringing back the excitement into the
system is important for the effective functioning of the education system. ‘D’ stands for
which is a part and parcel of the education system. ‘D’ also stands for dedication.
In Marwah’s terms, it’s very important to focus on punctuality, regularity, and sincerity. The
letter ‘D’ also stands for determination and development. According to Marwah, every
education, class, the subject must see to it that there must be some kind of development in the
old setup. ‘U’ stands for working under controlled conditions. The luxury part of the
education system is somehow spoiling the way of living of the students. They are losing the
value of money, time, and the value culture. Marwah went ahead and elaborated this
statement by giving the example of the UN and how it has started talking about Sustainable
Development Growth (SDG) to all the 196 countries of the world to start working under
controlled conditions. “Cutting corners and revamping everything and anything we are in”,
should be the new policy. ‘C’ in education stands for communication. It plays a very
important role in education. The three important aspects of communication- speaking,
writing, and listening are very essential for a proper education system to function. Marwah
quoted- Boli ek anmol hai, jo koi bole jaani, hiye taraju tauli ke, tab mukh bahar aani” ; “aisi
baani boliye, man ka aapa khoye, aurun ko sheetal kare, aur khud hi sheetal hoye.” 
becomes very important about what we talk and speak once we’re in media. During his
childhood, Marwah’s father taught him –“zaban-e-shirin-mulk-giri”, which means, if one
knows how to speak well, he/she can be the king of the nation. He further elaborated by
giving a beautiful example of our Late Prime Minister, Mr. Atal Bihari Bajpayee, who had
nothing when he joined politics but was successful in earning the respect of the people
through his wonderful words. ‘A’ stands for being ambitious. ‘T’ for transfer of knowledge.
Only filling the classes with faculties should not be the ultimate goal. ‘T’ also stands for
techno-savvy. ‘I’ stands for information.
Right information must be given to the students at
the right time. ‘O’ stands for the overall development of the students. And lastly, ‘N’ stands
for being nationalist. An education system should take our students to being nationalist and
patriotic so that we have better human beings and better citizens in this country. Marwah

concluded his speech by thanking the Government of India for nominating him as the
National Chairman for the Media and Entertainment Upgradation Committee under the
Ministry of Consumer Affairs with almost 60 officers and 60 people from the industry.

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