Program Format

Daily Event:

Pre-event: Short films on GMEC, AIMCET, all sponsors and partners


Welcoming by the Working Committee member responsible for the day & introducing the President of the evening


President takes over to put forth the agenda of the day & gives opening comments


Working Committee Member welcomes the Chief Guest: one central/state minister of Education/ Information & PR/ Govt top functionary


Chief Guest Speaks


President/ Secretary/ Vice President, GMEC, introduces the Indian awardee of the evening and they are awarded by the Chief Guest (Chief Guest may continue or leave, depending upon his engagements)


The Indian stalwart awardee speaks briefly on one specific theme of media education/practice since independence (awardees are either an eminent academic or an eminent industry professional of Indian media & communication who has also contributed to nurturing of talent)


President invites a Corporate Speaker (EdTech/ Media Tech/ New Tech Innovations/ Partner) & brief address by the Corporate Speaker


President invites two young (below 50 years) media researchers whose papers have been selected by a Review Committee for presentation, and they present back to back


Launch of a Book/Major Media Report by a scholar


President invites the international speaker: An academic of global repute or a media professional of the top order, from different countries, to speak (questions can be asked on the chat box, to be taken up at the end of this talk)


President summarises and concludes


Working Committee Member who introduced at the start comes back, thanks all, and reiterates the program of the next evening


75-90 minutes + 15 minutes of videos at the start.

For Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, the international speaker will speak first after welcome and introduction, and then the rest.